Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Days gone by...

We hurried along so that we could reach the party in time...for it was a party for us...FRESHERS PARTY!!! But then that was 2 years ago when Priyanka, Trupti & I had been in a hurry to reach the party hall where we would get a chance to interact with our super - seniors. The name 'super - sneior' felt great in itself, those were the guys who had been there done that. The subject here is not the party or the seniors, its about becoming a super - senior to someone today.

A year passed & we were already the senior batch of our college. The initial 3 months came & went. From October began the gruelling part. We were flooded with assignments, projects & all sat in dread when the date for thesis submission would be put up. Thesis was an issue which was being constantly discussed right from the start for it was the reason many of our super seniors had failed.

Today when I went to college to check my results various memories rushed past me. The library where I first went, the familiar desk where we five had discussed so many papers, articles, rumours, was still there, but today it was occupied by someone else. The computer lab with OUR favourite computer was still running & the head was not at his place as usual. Never got a chance to visit the shed which is glorified & called a canteen. Things which irritated me for 2 years made me melancholic & made me appreciate the familiarity offered by my college. Many an oaths were made to never return, people were cursed, teachers were blamed, staff was accused...but as I move on today to a different life without all these people, some of whom I wouldn't even call friends I feel I am gonna miss these days, these people, this life. I will surely remember them all for they did touch my life in one way or the other.


Piya said...

Sacchi feeling nostalgic .... :).... You forgot to write about sandwichwala & your comment on him ...:)

ulhasbhide said...

“some of whom I wouldn't even call friends
I feel I am gonna miss these days, these people”

My experience is also similar when I visited
my office after my retirement.

Thanks Shruti for sharing this through your blog.