Saturday, March 6, 2010


Upset with your boyfriend...make sure he [and the entire world] knows..join a page "IF YOU WANT ME MAKE AN EFFORT, I AM DONE TRYING"....want to convey you got a job which your friend [read competitor in college wanted] join "XYZ Pvt. Ltd" community. Attending an event in any corner of the world....mark it on your profile as Facebook will announce that Miss ABC is attending this event. These days Facebook is also a great medium to announce your upcoming flick or new album release. Photos of your bday bash, wedding celebration, engagement...hust click ADD & the world knows it in a jiffy. For Facebook has this irritating tendency to post your each & every friends doings on your wall. Converse, add friends, bitch, party .......& the entire world is sure to wake up to it the next morning.

But for me Facebook is a place to plough,seed, reap & harvest. Absolutely love Farmville...and the best part about this application are their innovative techniques to ensure that users are never bored. Absolutely loved their X'mas presents, valentines specials & now loving the Patrick Day's specials as well!!!

Moving on [not completely] from Orkut to FB was difficult...but FB has proved worth the effort...wish Orkut had been so up-to-date & innovative!!!

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Ruchi More said...

you shud be thanking me for that, u dumbo!

(infact, certain other orkut ppl shud also be grateful to me... ahem ahem...)