Saturday, March 27, 2010

Human Resources

During my short management diploma course when I was taught about HR it used to all about hiring, firing, wages, labour,etc. But mind you theory & practice are never so different than in this case. You get a glimpse as soon as you sit in front of the HR manager for your interview. There is a stereotype list of questions which each & every HR interview will comprise of:

1) Tell me something about yourself!
Now here you are not supposed to mention about whats already in the CV, instead you mention the points not on your CV...umm so what do I say...what do I talk social life [but whats that got to do with you hiring or not hiring me?] or the lack of it [who hires introverts these days??]. So most end up babbling whats there on the CV & there goes the first 'Dont's' of 'what not to do at an interview'.

2) After an XYZ degree why did you switch your field & jump into ABC?
Because its better late than never....why else do you imagine?? But no! You have to be diplomatic...or in other words...LIE! Yoy gotta list out all the varied opportunities that are available in your newly chosen field, how it is a growing field! But then if that was the case why did I have to wait for a year to even get an interview call...and also why is my salary gonna be so less?? And to convince them more you also need to connect your two degrees in any which absurd way you can think of...if I can connect CR with Botany anybody can do it with their own degrees

3) Have you heard anything about our organisation/ Why this particular organisation?
Here is not the time to mention that the IT guys had recently visited the MD's home & it was in every newspaper. You talk about all the stats you had parroted about the companys achievements & its performance in the past few years...even if it is being acquired by a new company every year.

So in short to clear an HR round all you need to do is carefully plan how to majorly suck up to the HR manager...n u r thru!!!! All organisations need honest employees for which they have reference checks as well...but the entry pass is through lying alone!!! The job clinching mantra: Lie but be honest about it!!!

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ulhasbhide said...

"The job clinching mantra: Lie but be honest about it!!!"

well said .... :)