Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Saat Phere

Since knowing about the saat pheras, I have been trying to get to know their meaning. I have asked Aaji, Mom many times about what they mean & why are they so significant...and most of the times unfortunately I have been asked to shut up...sometimes with a stern look, other times with a BUZZ OFF expression. Finally I found the answer to what they mean...and indeed they are so beautiful, so meaningful...all that every girl wishes for throughout her life written in 7 beautiful lines...

So here goes...

FIRST PHERA: May the first step lead to food that is both nourishing & pure
SECOND PHERA: May the second step lead to physical, emotional, intellectual & spiritual strength
THIRD STEP: May the third step lead to prosperity
FOURTH STEP: May the fourth step lead to all round happiness
FIFTH STEP: May the fifth step lead to noble & virtuous children
SIXTH STEP: May the sixth step lead to a long life
SEVENTH STEP: May the seventh step lead to friendship through harmony & understanding

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