Friday, July 8, 2011

The best laid plans...

This real life story has come in a Marathi daily today. A girl in West Bengal, studying in the 4th or 5th standard accidently overhears her parents talking about the string of misfortunes their family was facing. Her father worked on daily wages & had a failing eyesight. Her elder brother needed a kidney transplant ASAP for his one kidney was fully damaged & the other was fast reaching that point. Both the operations were out of question for the family for they lived in abject poverty.

Just a few days back this small girl told her sisters that she would commit suicide in the near future, so that her eyes can be given to her father & her kidney to her brother. Her sisters did not take her seriously & assumed she must be joking. However just a week back the little girl poisoned herself to death. The poison used was so powerful that she died before any medical help could arrive. Her death isn't the sad part of this story.

The saddest part is that her mother found a letter which this girl had written expressing her wish that her father may have her eyes & her kidney be given to her brother. However it was too late for all of them, the little girl's body had already been cremated!

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