Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Earliest Memory

When I think about my earliest memories, its not any one thing that comes to my mind but a whole bunch of them. My earliest & most beautiful memories belong to when I was in primary school.

My father & I had a routine for every Sunday. We left home at 9, then went to the vegetable market to get the week's supply of vegetables. My father loves flowers & just besides the veggie market was the flower market from which we purchased a few roses for the dining table. After that we went to the Govt. Library. I used to love the old, musty smell of those tomes which were stored there. The library was always my main reason for these weekly visits. I used to browse through endless books until Dad had picked the one that he & mom would like to read. Then off we went again. We used to pick up breakfast (idlis, medu - wadas, etc) for the sunday breakfast. The vegetable markets were always over - crowded, the flower markets were wet & slimy, it all got worse when it rained, but not even on a single Sunday did we skip this routine of ours.

We no longer go out on these trips. I grew up, found things more interesting than libraries & flower markets, but even today when I think of my sweetest childhood memories strangley this simplest of routine springs to my mind!

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