Monday, May 21, 2012

Satyameva Jayate (Episode 3)

Episode 3 (The Big Fat Indian Wedding)
The episode started off with the young people from the audience sharing their marriage dreams. While some wanted to marry YashRaj style, someone else wanted to marry the royal way! Aaamir rightly said as once Shobha De had, that marriage is India's passion!

Komal (Delhi)

  • Till the invitations were sent out no demands were made. However once the society knew that Komal's marriage would be taking place, the demands started
  • On the day of marriage, while the bride waited for her groom, the groom demanded he wont come till his father gets a gold chain...which he got!
  • Soon Komal's husband was to leave for the US. He took money from her parents for buying tickets to the US. Later Komal came to know that the company had already paid for the tickets
  • Her husband asked her to ask her father to sign over their Delhi home to him. This was the first time Komal refused
  • Her husband abandoned her in the US. He left her with no money, no food, no water. She was left to die alone in the US.
  • Her husband earned $65,000 annually!
  • Till date this man has cost Komal 40 lakh in cash & 60 lakh in gold
  • Finally her parents have realized 'Daamad ko paalna nahi chahiye!'
Nishana (Madurai)
  • A lecturer in Madurai who was pursuing her PhD studies
  • 70 tola gold & 1 lakh cash were given during marriage to the groom
  • After marriage the greed did not cease. He used to verbally abuse her,calling her ugly, fat, etc
  • Nishana was asked to do a plastic surgery
  • When she could no longer take these abuses, she committed suicide
Paramjeet Kaur Moom (Karimpur, Punjab)
  • The groom took a total of 15 lakhs from the bride under the pretext of wanting to go to Australia for further studies
  • When he left for Australia, he had promised Paramjeet, that he would call her there after 15 days...but unfortunately the call never came
  • Paramjeet was beaten up on a daily basis & treated more like a maid than a daughter - in - law
  • 3 years later they threw her out & his uncle has asked the Panchayat to grant his nephew a divorce that to via the internet as his nephew wishes to marry a foreigner!
Ruby Devi & Santosh Kumar (Bihar):
  • A very unique marriage/ love storyLOL
  • Santosh was kidnapped by the girl's side so that they did not have to pay any dowryLOL
  • But today, he loves his wife & is happy with herEmbarrassed
  • All is well that ends well thenWink
  • This type of a marriage is called 'pakadwa byaah'
Rani Tripathi (Mumbai):
  • This girl was daring enough to perform a sting operation on people who were demanding dowry from her 
  • She married on the same day on which her marriage was fixed but with a different groom...a groom who wasnt interested in dowry
  • Tanzeem Khuddam E Millat movement started by Mausim Ummedi
  • No band, no baaja, no baarat, no dahejClap
  • Parneet Singh's attempts to get justice for women who are left behind in India when their husband's flee from the country
  • In the north east there is no dowry. In Assam & Sikkim, all things that the bride wears is given by the grooms family
  • Honestly did not like the 'netaji' bhashan which aamir gave at the end
  • The reference to Maulana Azad too was so not neededSleepy
Food for thought:
  • From where do the girls parents get the money needed to pay as dowry? 15 lakhs, 40 lakhsShocked & they werent the ones who had taken out loansShocked
  • If they spend so much money for one daughter, what about the other kids? How do they live by spending so much money? And then, how much is their actual incomeShocked

Do you feel marriages in our country have turned into a trade? Y/ N
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Sravasti said...

Nice blog, Shruti!

Apparently, an entire show was based around this 'pakadwa byaah' concept. But in keeping with the true tradition of Indian television, it went the soapy way. I never watched even a single episode of that show, so cannot really comment.

iola said...

@Sravasti: After this episode only did i come to know that such a show was made...'Hamar Bhagowali'. the name itself doesnt make u wanna see it. LOL!

iola said...

@Sravasti: Chk out r discussion on SMJ here: