Friday, July 6, 2012

Balika Vadhu: I realize my mistake!

'I realize my mistake'. This is what an old lady, nearing her 80s I guess said in a Hindi soap & I went all Shocked. Balika Vadhu is the story of Anandi who was married off in her childhood to Jagdish Singh, another child just like her. As their life progressed, Jagdish left his village, wife & family to go live & Mumbai & to study medicine. During the course of his studies he fell in love with another girl, Gauri. Today, Anandi - Jagdish are on the verge of getting a divorce. And the above lines are said by Anandi's grandmother - in - law, the strict matriarch of the family. She says this as a confession to her son, when they sit discussing as to why has Jagdish - Anandi's marriage fail. The old wise woman says, we wrongly thought that deep bonds can be forged in childhood. We made two people to stay together by our force & not by their choice. The girl grew up to love the boy but the boy did not reciprocate her love. We never thought this is how it would end. Hence we should take it as a lesson that child marriage can bring horrible pain to the couple involved.

Kudos the makers of this serial. This is the first time that an elderly person has been shown to be wrong. Till date I have seen all old people being portrayed as demi - Gods who can do no wrong. This stifling deification of normal people has been broken for the first time on TV. ClapClapClap Also, though she is just a character I must definitely appreciate dadisa for having the guts to admit that she was wrong back then! At her age & position it wouldn't have been easy for her!

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