Friday, July 3, 2009


The girl hurried along the footpath clutching her windcheater with one hand & her bag with the other. What had started as a slow drizzle could turn into sheets of rain within a fraction of a second & hence she renewed her efforts to catch a rickshaw before it was too late. Finally she was able to catch a rick. The driver was in no mood to go slow. He zoomed on the highway towards her home. Trees, lamp - posts, cars, buses all passed them in a haze. Tiny droplets of rain hit the girl as she sat frozen with fear & cold. But the rain drops seemed to have a calming effect on the girl. She left her fear & worries for a later date & decided to go reckless & to hell with all caution!!! As the rick continued to zoom past all she undid her hair & let her locks free. The windy fingers combed through her hair. Wind brought rain with it. It hit her scalp in cold, systematic movements which seemed to further relax her. It lifted her spirits & filled her with a new kind of energy. The cold though chilled her body had lifted her spirits. It had made her let her hair down & she zoomed past life's worries greeting all the cold winds with enough zest & strength to fight them. The Americans knew what they were talking when they had called it the "Freeway!!!"

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ulhasbhide said...

Short, simple but effective.

“the rain drops seemed to have a calming effect on the girl.”
May I interpret this in a different way ?
...“We all are children of nature
and it takes care of its kids,
hence ……
Cold wind and rain, drained out her worries.”