Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dil Chahta Hai

DCH the movie was rocking. It talked about various things in a youth's life. College, many loves, adventures, treks & travels, mothers & their doubts ;), et al. But now that I have reached a stage where my college is coming to an end I can identify with another aspect of the movie which had never struck me when I had seen it the first time. The 3 friends protrayed by Aamir, Saif & Akshay viz Akash, Sameer & Sid are so like most of us are in our college days. The fun, mazak, masti which is so much a part n parcel of being young & the thing about being a 'collegian' is excellently played by the 3 actors.

Today I am experiecing those same emotions though a bit differently. As my friends are all talking about jobs & shaadis & bf's I am feeling quite the Akash....all lost & in wonderland. Still find it difficult to come to grips with the fact that my student life might juz be over. Frnds whose dreams I had always identified with, sometimes whose dreams n goals were mine as well now sometimes feel like strangers who r planning their lives while I m looking on from the outside. & no I m not upset. Not at all. For like Akash realised that nite, I realise today that every1 makes their own choices, life changes & wid it r priorities. Guess what matters in the long run is changing for the good & better & hope to one day share that picnic lunch with my dear buddies as did Akash, Sameer & Sid in the movie. :)


Gauri said...

Excellent. just superb.You have used minimum words to express the feeling many have gone thru and have never relised. Just fantastic. keep it up.

trupti said...

shru its nice. simply superb.