Friday, January 8, 2010

Love Aaj Kal

As I rush down the bridge to catch the 7:42 train from Dadar station my progress is halted by a pair of hands....n i give up all hope of catching this train. Someone is busy n i know i m gonna reach the train late :-< The couple are lost to all the chaos around them. Such gr8 is the bonding that they would make gr8 fevicol mascots!!!

As i board the next train the same girl now seperated from her love by the cruel railways hooks onto her cell & within a few seconds the entire train knows that its his budday 2 days from now & she plans to give him a collage of the SIX months of memories they have accumulated since their relationship started. The guy must get down it seems, its his stn next, n the fone is kept aside with a deep side. Next begins the paintwork. A thorough renewal of lipstick & kaajal. Hair r combed injuring those who had the misfortune of sitting beside her. some strands fly over onto my book as well which i m trying to read amidst observing her & controlling a smile.

Just when the first female is ready to return to Planet EARTH the one in the opposite window jumps onto the love train. but this 1 isnt so pleased with her better half. almost bitter really!! again the cell fone is my spy. it reports that the guy had promised her an xmas party but alas, due to work committments; which he dared to think more imp than her [& was foolish enuf to admit to her face] the plans didnt materialize. Schade!! the guy is brutally silenced with many exclamations like "CHUP!" & "tum jitna bologe mein usse double bolungi!" & the fone is slammed shut.

As i close my book, juz cant concentrate with so much violence & heart break around me, i happen to chance seeing another couple. this time its in a different train than mine. even the railways cant seperate these love birds. while the other gents in the compartment try hard to ignore or try tp appear as if bothered by the evening rush or romeo stands stylishly with his arms braced on the hand bar holding his girl close. he whispers sweet nothings to her as the end of her dupatta flies out the train. she smiles, he smiles; the entire train sighs!

Orkut albums, Facebook status's, accessories, reserved seats in classrooms & cell fone conversations........these all r definite pointers to verify if u suffer from the LOVE AAJ KAL syndrome!!! the syndrome is peculiar for the causative agent may change but the symptoms are always the same. and like most diseases its best observed,studied or pitied but the afflicted truely suffer a gr8 deal! GOD be with them!!!

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Piya said...

Sweetheart I am waiting when you will board the train or having the Syndrome rather than juz observing them :P .... maaja aaega .... What says? :)