Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Games people play!

Social networking communities are great. People have many reasons for liking them. Some think its an easy way to be in touch with friends world over, others like the games, some prefer it as a mode to kill time. I take them as a great place to understand human psychology. These sites have communities wherein you can interact with people who share your interests.

'Games people play' is a famous book by Eric Berne & it delves into the psyche of human beings. He describes 3 human states of mind: the child, parent & adult. But most often our own mind is a mystery to us. Hence just these 3 classes will never be able to do any justice to what goes on in the human mind. I observed this more closely in one of the clubs I had joined on a certain networking site.

The interaction with all the members started off pretty well. There were people from all over the world & from my neighbourhood as well. Slowly & cautiosuly I added a few of them to my friends list as well. And this interaction on a personal basis is what is the base of my blog today. I met Berne's adult who was always harping about his age & hence his maturity & the respect he should be given [ for him all 3 were the same!!!] This same adult however was also Berne's child who used fake profiles & abusive language to address community members half his age.

Then there was the parent :) - the ever caring, ever understanding, the one whose shoulder was always available if you ever needed a good cry! But this man's inner devil wasnt in Berne's dictionary! This man who always had a holier than thou expression was infact the most cunning amongst all! He was essentially the bat amongst the mammals & birds [if you have read the story you would know what I am talking about] And oh how I hope he meets the fate of the bat...kicked out from everywhere!

I encountered a true Gemenian. He had an ever - changing point of view. Hey but then he was just being himself!! Guess couldn't help it himself.

I plan to do an MBA & hence meeting a PR agent was invalueable experience. The poor thing did such a lot for a particular cause but then again HUMAN NATURE intervened & he was kicked out when he had met his purpose!

A few things I learned with these people:

# People hate being shown a different side of the truth. For most prefer to die with the same reality they were born with. These are people who define the word 'cliche' best. For them a man & woman always have to end up in love. The pure relation of friendship is lost to them because 'ek ladka ur ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte' [aisa 80's mein kaha gaya tha aur hum aaj bhi wahi manenge!].

# People also have a sadistic nature. More pleasure is derived by hurting someone than by helping someone in need.

# Most of them wouldnt mind abusing you verbally, but hey when you talk you better mind your language for guys come on; they have grown in age & are begging for respect [ Wont you give them some? Will you!!!]

# People change their opinions often; not because they think or they saw or they heard but because someone somewhere sometime told them something

# People pledge their loyalties to you only as long as you are dancing to their tunes. The moment you ask them to adjust, you are better off from the site

# People are petty & they do petty things which dont anger you but sure make you pity their intellects & character

# The lens bends the truth as easily as it bends the light

But its not that I met all jerks there. Met some really genuine people as well. So you shoudnt entirely give up on these sites after reading my blog. Met a taurean who is as stubborn as her mountain goat idol. Met a leonine who was extremely dedicated & firm in all her ventures be it love life or academics. Met a jovial bubbly girl as well who is suffering from her second TV heartbreak today :)Met a great photographer whose pics make my heart go hmmmmmmm! Met women who are married, have kids & yet are still so in love with our common love ;)So life isnt exactly dreadful out there but then you gotta be as lucky as me to sift the gold from the silt!!

[after reading this blog dont bother asking me which one is you. You know that best!]


anu said...

shru zabri^:)^....kal bollis ani aaj lahun pan kadhlas sagla =d>
khoop masta vatla vachun..tya jerks cha apan saglyannich experience ghetlay..shru tu best ahes..thanx for being my best u shru n our katta u all>:D<

trupti said...

wah shruti
kya observation hai........
actually u r rite. aise log bahat hai.

n as usual kya likha hai........:)

niha... said...

zabri observations ^:)^ n perfect language =d>...i want those jerks to read this...afterall self-realisation is always helpful...;) u shru >:d<

ulhasbhide said...

Chhan analysis kelays
manasanchya swabhawanch.
Asach lihit ja, wachun
aamchahee knowledge wadhel.

Social network madhye
anek changale lok bhetatat
tyachpramane kewhataree
Anti-social elements
dekheel bhetatat,
ha mazahee anubhav aahe.

Gauri said...
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Gauri said...

wow. great. mast analysis kela aahes aani chan lihila aahes.
sometimes i wonder especially after reading your blogs, are u realy 22? u are so matured and well read and balanced. keep it up.

iola said...

@ gauri:
no longer 22, i m 23 now!!
sniff sniff

Dhanesh said...

nice was 1st blog i read :) and gotta say that i like blogs now :D.